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Filipe Furão was born in 1980, and got into music very early due to the influence of his parents.

At the age of 14 he put together his first Emo Core band. In 2002, almost by accident, he slowly started delving into electronic music through working at Valentim de Carvalho, a record shop where he had access to a whole new world. This blossoming interest gradually became an obsession, which led to him learning how to mix and ultimately to becoming one of Portu gal’s most prolific producers.

In 2007 Filipe joined forces with another like-minded Lisbon producer, Manuel Calapez, under the name “Internal Sync”. Together they  helped  put  Portuguese techno on the map releasing music on labels such as Anthony Rother’s DATAPUNK, FORTEK and KLANG-GYM- NASTIK the latter even licensed one of their tracks for release on a Ministry of Sound compilation. The duo played all over Portugal and Europe, ultimately ending the collaboration amicably, citing creative differences. In 2009 he started working on his own solo material as JACKSPOT. His deep, techy grooves found their way to labels  such  as  HIGHGRADE,  INTERNATIONAL  FREAK- SHOW and his home base, BRISE. He also worked on a collaboration with his cousin HIMAN, the fruits of which where released on Florian Meindl’s FLASH.

Shortly thereafter, Jackspot kicked off a new project called “Cisco Cisco” with his  close  friend  Julio  Maciel. Their  music  was  released  on APERSONAL  and licensed to GET PHYSICAL and DEFECTED.

At the time of writing, JACKSPOT is hard at work with his different projects to which he is considering adding a new one that will bridge the gap between the dance floor precision of techno and the warm, inviting grooves of house, called “Kind of People”. If the past is any indication, it’s going to be a winner.