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Miguel Torga was born in 1977, in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Climbing trees, chasing snakes and grasshoppers were his main hobby until his twelfth year when he discovered industrial music and opened a veritable Pandora’s box when reading an issue of Electronic Body Music. In 1994 he began to manipulate audio with a sampler/tracker. Feeling increasingly stimulated, he started exploring several techniques and delving into synthesizer patch design.

Hypnotic ambiance and rough physical rhythm patterns dot his masterpieces and he rapidly trademarked the production of electronic music in Portuguese, using well known samples from local movies, sitcoms, snatches of poetry and so on.

His music is usually released on foreign labels such as Aroma Music and Con+ainer from Germany, alongside Portuguese imprints like Freima Labs and Elements Recs who released his latest magnum opus, the debut LP “Hexágono Amoroso” which was critically praised at home and abroad.

He has been remixed by Portuguese veterans like Alex FX (one of Miguel Torga’s idols), Pedro Goya, Trikk and Cleymoore and he, in turn, has re-worked music from the likes of Yellow, Fulano47 and the aforementioned Trikk.

Miguel Torga’s stellar and energetic live act has seen him hypnotize and convert dancers all over Portugal from clubs such as Lux Frágil, Gare and Musicbox to Boiler Room, and the Boom Festival.

Oh, and did we mention he really loves to dance?