August 8, 2018
O convidado para o terceiro Open Air da LXMUSIC, CUARTERO, é uma figura emblemática e maior do panorama  TECHNO mundial, este consenso é aprovado e defendido por aqueles que definem o TECHNO actualmente, grandes nomes como Jamie Jones e Loco Dice veêm em Cuartero o novo baluarte destes estilos musicais. Cuartero não deixa de ser um rapaz de tenra idade, não obstante é uma pessoa madura quando se apodera dos decks por esse mundo fora. Soube desde  tenra infância ir beber inspiração à dita “OLD SCHOOL” da música eletrónica ao ponto de preferir tocar com vynil nas suas performances. Aos quinze anos começou a produzir os seus hits e a partir de 2012 todo o seu trabalho ganhou o devido mérito, inúmeros gigs, presenças constantes nos tops da beat port, um “Dj Award” para “Best Newcomer”, a sua presença em documentários musicais, o encerramento do Amnésia em B2B com Hector Couto, showcases pelo mundo inteiro, trabalha pelas editoras de Jamie Jones e Loco Dice, a Hot Creations e a Desolat respetivamente. Mais informações aqui, no link do evento
Cuartero no Vicious Live Electronic Sunsets
When work and perseverance join in something as sublime as love of music, it born the perfect ‘equalization’ to emergence of new talents who are called to succeed.
Cuartero was born just over two decades ago in Malaga, and although did not live in the pure analog era, he wasfamiliar with the essence of the old school, whichinfluence him later to define his own style. His concern about investigating new sounds, textures, structures… It have the reason why his productionsbecome to be recognized from the first beats when theyare mixed it. Also, with his last reference in Hot Creations, he has scored a ‘hat trick’ of top labels releasesin less than 6 months (Moon Harbour, Desolat, Hot Creations). In 2011 he founded his own brand, Sanity, with the idea of prioritizing the essence of music over the appearance oftop artists names. He has published about a hundredreferences and organized showcases around the globe, combining the trades of label and promoter. With only 15 years he started to produce and it was in 2012 when all the work began to bear fruit: the abundanceof gigs in different countries in Europe and America, numerous top on Beatport, the Amnesia’s closing b2b withHector Couto, his residence at Hyte (Amnesia), theappearance in the documentary ‘Monday’ or thenomination for the Vicious Adwards in 2014. His fondness for the touch of vinyl can clearly sense in hisset up, as it often to make regular the use of timecode. Hissets are characterized by an energic groove and bass combining rhythms of house, tech house, acid and funky, and increasingly is becoming more common to listen different samples such as hip hop vocals. Although he’s been to see how his objectives have beenfulfilled gradually, Cuartero has not been closed to new ideas. Proof of this is the animation’s video for his track ‘Bring Back’, released at Knee deep in Sound. For more information take a look at the event link Upper video, Cuartero at Vicious Live Electronic Sunsets.

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