July 1, 2016
Sunday, MUTE will play at TAMARIZ in ESTORIL until sunset.
MUTE is a showcase for a more elegant form of dance music, drawing on lower BPM’s, warm melodies and hypnotic grooves. The perfect counterpoint to the tougher sounds that are the mainstay of most underground music events, MUTE is LX Music’s love letter to the more eclectic side of house and techno. Steve Bug,Tale Of Us, Tini, Anja Schneider, Alex Niggemann or Marco Resmann are a few of the guests responsible for taking us on some thrilling journeys into the depths of the Chicago/New York and Detroit/Berlin axes.
Between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. we can count on Bodjha, Gear, Trigger, John-E and, DEIAN, our Canadian friend that is coming from Dubai. Line Up: DEIAN The Artist Network / Groove on the Grass / Canadá LXM Artists John-E Trigger Special Guests GEAR Goncalo Bodjha FREE ENTRY WITH GUEST LIST Please email us at: geral@lxmusic.org

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